Astronaut Jumps, Nobody Misses the Landing [USB Drive]

from Squiggly Lines

USB Flash Drive

This is the physical copy for the EP entitled "Astronaut Jumps, Nobody Misses the Landing." And it's a USB stick thing! It's got some of the album artwork on it and includes MP3 and WAV files for all six songs on the album. It also includes alternate versions for three of these songs which may be an odd thing to include! Also, it's totally understandable if you want to take the files off and just use it as a USB key. It has 4GB of space (actually around 3.7GB of usable space) and it can fit on a key-chain. It's also in the shape of a key! Does not open any doors! ...Except for the ones in your mind!!!!!!

ships out within 3 days

  $10 CAD or more