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Where do all my secrets go when I die?
All my of omissions and perpetrated lies
I'll leave them to you
And where does all my disgust go when I die?
Mistrust and resentment that so often stops by
I'll leave them to you

I left the lawyers office feeling proud
I willed you everything that I hold so dear
You can thank me later somehow
Thank me later somehow

Last will and testament all signed and done
A sense of accomplishment fills my lungs
Breathe easy
You'll get all the webs spun tight and thick
Possessions will sell at auction quick
So breathe easy

I called you up to tell you the good news
I made some plans for when I cash in my chips
You'll get my old seat with my issues
It comes incomplete with poor reviews

A minute of silence before you respond
"Dummy, I had those things all along

But thank you very much, sweetheart
It's a wonderful gesture, sweetheart
But you don't understand, your actions permeate
the land, and crawl up into everyone's plans"

I ended the call feeling proud
My existence is one big daily gift
You can thank me later somehow
Thank me later somehow




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